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I was recently lucky enough to take JT Kalnay and Dr. Al Brady into the Everglades National Park in pursuit of fish. It was one of the prettiest days of the year with perfect fishing conditions. They were thrilled to be back in the Everglades National Park. It’s always a special treat to fish with people who are so stoked to be there. The bite was hot, but that was just a bonus. Here is the blog he wrote on our day:

JT Kalnay

Fishing Florida Bay
Posted on February 26, 2013 by jtkalnay

After fishing the flat water in the backcountry around Florida Bay, I’ve decided I’m never going offshore again! Why? Not just because I get seasick on the ocean, but because of the magic and beauty of the backcountry water.
Al & I spent a nearly indescribable day fishing with Captain Dave Perkins (http://www.captaindaveperkins.net/) on Florida Bay.
We left the dock at 9:15 and were fishing for real fish (not for bait fish) by 9:30 and had fish in the boat by 9:45. We saw or caught sea trout, blue fish, jack, sheepshead, pinfish, and even one shark. We tried fishing the muds (areas disturbed by feeding fish) and we tried poling for redfish. This part of Florida is so beautiful that I would have gone on this trip even if we hadn’t taken the fishing rods.

When you go offshore, you see the ocean. When you go in the backcountry, you see the mangroves, the birds in the mangroves, the clear water and the flora and fauna on the bottom of the clear water. If you get lucky, like we did, you may see porpoises. And, unlike our last couple of tries offshore, we came home both with supper and with our breakfasts…
I’ll be going out with Captain Dave again next year. It’ll be worth the ride just to visit this nearly idyllic piece of the planet again. Dave gets “it”, that it’s about being out in the back country that is the thing. I’d go out there again even if we didn’t catch any fish. But if you go with Dave, you’re likely to catch some fish.

I can highly recommend this place and this captain.

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JT with dinner

On a sad note, JT passed away on February 4th, 2016. He will be missed by many.